Inspired by the artist
 Julie Traxler, a beloved   
  friend and local legend,
   the Belladonna captures
  the eclectic essence
 of today's Eureka.

Experience the
transformative quality
of a creative life...

The restoration of the Belladonna Cottage has been a labor of love. It's my hope the Belladonna nourishes you as much as the creation of it has nourished me. Here's to love, life and happiness.

Yours truly, Patti.

The Belladonna Cottage is located in Historic Residential Eureka Springs, overlooking a dense woodland hollow. A short 2 minute drive or 12-15 minute walk takes you to the heart of downtown.

Built circa 1895, the Belladonna is a newly restored cottage split into 2 separate and private levels with separate and private parking, separate and private entrances.

The Belladonna Cottage, as her previous home, is a fabulous backdrop for the works of "J.Trax". The late Julie Traxler was a long time resident artist of Eureka Springs. Prolific, colorful, eccentric and playful, Julie's art can be found in the homes of friends and collectors throughout the US.

Prints of Julie's work and a newly published book titled, "The Other Side of the Trax" (A sampling of the works of Julie Traxler), can be purchased at the Belladonna and in select galleries in Eureka Springs. For more information please feel free to call or check out

  • 12 Echols Eureka Springs, AR 72632
  • Phone: (479)253-1836
  • (for immediate response, please call)
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  • Your Host, Patricia Corcelli